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  In life, we often use tools in addition to screwdrivers is a wrench, whether furniture devices or industrial construction are required to use a variety of wrenches.
  Common wrenches are: flexible wrench, plum wrench, L-type wrench and inner hexagonal wrench. These wrenches belong to common wrenches (manual wrenches) in terms of their use. In modern industrial consumption, electric wrenches are more and more widely used in machinery, automobile, construction and electromechanical industries. So, as a wrench, which one should we choose, the manual wrench or the electric wrench?
  By comparison with the fundamental definition
  Manual wrench, also known as ordinary wrench, is a commonly used device and disassembly tool. It uses the lever principle to twist bolts, bolts, nuts and other threads to hold the teeth of bolts or nuts or the fixture of sleeve holes.
  Torsion wrench
  Electric wrench refers to the power-on tool for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts, powered by power supply or battery, and is a tool for tightening high-strength bolts. Mainly used in the steel structure equipment industry, special equipment steel structure high-strength bolts (high-strength bolts are used to connect the steel structure joints, usually in the form of bolt groups).
  Contrast wrench type
  There are many kinds of manual wrenches, which can be divided into: single-ended wrench, double-ended wrench, movable wrench, plum wrench, multi-purpose wrench, knock wrench, socket wrench, socket wrench, socket wrench, torque wrench, cross wrench, ratchet wrench, hook wrench, hexagonal wrench, square wrench and clutch wrench. Spanner, pipe wrench, T-type wrench, L-type wrench, trigeminal wrench, crescent wrench, tubing wrench, tire wrench, spark plug wrench, filter wrench, combination wrench, other wrenches, etc. Torque wrench can be divided into signal wrench, pointer wrench and digital wrench.
  Torsion wrench
  Electric wrenches are less classified into two types: safety clutch type and impact type.
  Contrast wrench characteristics
  Manual wrench has the characteristics of simple operation, low price and high labor intensity.
  The electric wrench has the characteristics of convenient operation, high price, time saving and labor saving.
  Use for industry comparison
  Manual wrench is simple to operate and labor intensive. It is commonly used in ordinary life, such as furniture, electrical appliances, office equipment and other devices.
  Electric wrenches are relatively versatile. They have been used in the assembly of automobile, tractor, motor and electrical appliances, power machinery, valves, pumps, textile machinery and other manufacturing industries, as well as in chemical, cement prefabricated parts, plastic forming and other operations. In addition, electric wrenches also play an important role in railway, bridge, construction and other projects.
  Generally speaking, if you want to save energy, choose the electric wrench, and if you want to save money, choose the manual wrench. But when we choose and buy wrenches, we can not only pay attention to the price, because the pull and torque of different types of wrenches are different, and the friction strength produced in use is also different. If elective electric wrench is used in ordinary life, it may appear over-twisting phenomenon; if elective manual wrench is used in machinery industry, it will appear unsound phenomenon and bury hidden danger of safety.
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