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  At present, the country invests heavily in the establishment of water resources, hydropower, bridges and other basic equipment. In the process of construction, maintenance and transformation, the disassembly and assembly of large torque fasteners is indispensable and arduous at the same time. The traditional manpower method of disassembly and assembly not only has high labor intensity, low operation efficiency and high cost, but also often causes the scrap of fasteners due to violent vibration and noise, which directly affects the installation and maintenance period, and can not prevent the damage of adjacent parts and components, thus affecting or even destroying the mechanical balance of the original engineering structure; at the same time, it is difficult to rely on. Accurate control of assembly torque according to design requirements. Therefore, the design and development of portable large torque hydraulic wrench, which can output powerful torque and operate bulky, safe, reliable and versatile disassembly and assembly tools, has important ideal significance.
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  The system composition and main performance indexes of hydraulic wrench are comprehensively analyzed and discussed. Practical operation and various plans are discussed. We think that the ideal design plan is: using hydraulic pressure as power source, relying on ratchet pawl mechanism to complete one-way intermittent movement of fastener disassembly and assembly, and through the serialization of reaction arm and sleeve. The portable hydraulic wrench with large torque can be widely used in the installation and maintenance of large and medium-sized mechanical equipment and steel structure in the fields of water resources, hydropower, metallurgy, construction, bridge, mine, cement and other industries according to different working environments and objects.
  液壓扳手采用超高壓液壓技術目前,我國以大于&!’() 為超高壓液壓壓力界線值,在現代技術范疇和工業消費中,超高壓液壓技術已是不可短少。其主要技術特性和請求是:嚴厲的密封,超高壓小流量,請求專用液壓介質。液壓系統以一定的功率工作時,由于壓力很高,所以流量就很小,其流量普通在&* + ,-. 以下。普通液壓油在超高壓力下活動性銳減,極大水平上影響著液壓系統的容積效率,體積緊縮量不能疏忽。應選用特殊專用介質,采用柱塞副構造。由于柱塞副對超高壓力下的密封具有良好的順應性,并有強大的構件強度和剛度。 構造和運動機構的設計特性。
  Hydraulic wrench adopts ultra-high pressure hydraulic technology. At present, in our country, the limit value of ultra-high pressure hydraulic pressure is greater than &! (). In the field of modern technology and industrial consumption, ultra-high pressure hydraulic technology is indispensable. Its main technical characteristics and requests are: strict sealing, ultra-high pressure and small flow, requesting special hydraulic media. When the hydraulic system works at a certain power, the flow rate is very small because of the high pressure. The flow rate is usually below &*+, -. The activity of ordinary hydraulic oil decreases sharply under ultra-high pressure, which greatly affects the volume efficiency of the hydraulic system. The volume contraction can not be neglected. Special special medium and plunger pair should be used. Because the plunger pair has good compliance to the seal under ultra-high pressure, and has strong strength and stiffness of components. Design characteristics of construction and motion mechanism.
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